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La Clave


If you where not born in a Latino Country, or surrounded by Latino Music, or musicians that love Latino Music, when you first encounter Salsa, Merengue or any other Latino Music & Dance, you get hooked right away by the energy, passion and unique expression of these dances, but you also encounter a whole new world of concepts, words and hard to get rhythms.
What is clave anyway?? What is really Mambo?? Guaracha??
What is the sound of a conga, a bongo, a guiro, a guira, a chekere??
What is the difference between tumbao and conga??
What is the difference between Mambo and Salsa??
Is the Latin Ballroom the same as Latino Salsa and Mambo??
What is Charanga?? Which country does Salsa come from??
In this section we want to answer some of those questions and periodically (hopeffuly weekly) add articles, pieces of music and pictures that we think will help you understand better the Latino music and dance.

Enjoy it!



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