Here is a compilation of the most frequent questions we are constantly asked:

Q.- Do I need to bring a partner to the classes?

A. - No, some people come with their partners but most don't and we switch often partners so that everyone gets to dance with everyone.

Q.- Are the number of woman and men even?

A. - The number in our classes luckily is pretty even, but obviously we can't guarantee that it will always be like that and exactly even. We do change partners very often, so that every one gets to practice all the steps, and we count with the collaboration of the students to make sure no one is left out.

Q.- What shoes do I wear?

A. - Shoes that you feel comfortable in, preferably shoes that you can spin in them and also for Monday class: shoes that do not leave black marks.

If you want to buy dance shoes: For practicing and the classes dance sneakers are great. For night club dancing and when you were skirts or dresses, ballroom shoes are the best.

Q.- Where can I buy dance shoes?

A. -

Locally:you can find dance shoes in the following stores:

Teddy's Shoes

Address: 548 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
Phone: 617-547-0443

Patterson's Back Bay Dancewear

Address: 185 Cambridge St., Burlington
Driving from Cambridge: Rte. 2 to I-95 (128) North to exit #33B; take Route 3A North (it becomes Cambridge St.); go 1.7 miles from I-95.

Phone: 1-781-273-3089 or 1-800-554-2340.

Great source of dance shoes

On the internet: unlesss you have used the shoe before, you should not buy directly from internet without trying the shoes first, or unless they have an easy return policy or really custom made shoes.

Jennifer Jonay suggested this website: Glide Shoes ( and highly recommend them. Once you know what you want, you should call to place your order, as there are many ways to customize your shoes that are not posted on the website. For example, you can tell them you want the front of one pair of shoes, and the back of a different pair of shoes, get a special snap closure for the straps to make putting them on and taking them off easy. And the "pro soles" are super comfy! is also a nice website with very good service.

Q.- What clothes do I wear?

A. - Comfortable clothes that you can sweat in, since we promise you will sweat.

Q.- Do I start with private lessons or with regular lessons?

A. - It depends on your budget and time. Private's are more expensive but you get more direct help to your specific needs. Usually it is better (and more economic) to join regular beginner class from its start and then use privates for specific needs.

Q.- Where are there music stores that have a good selection of Latino music?

A. - Here are some stores:

In Jamaica Plain:
FRANKLIN'S CDS, 314 CENTRE STREET, JAMAICA PLAIN. Open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. Call (617) 868-8895.
Call to check the times.

In Somerville there is a little store that has a good selection and the owner is very knowledgeable. Can ask him for any song!
HISPANOAMERICANA RECORD SHOP. 97 Broadway St, Somerville. (617) 776-1200. Tell them you are a Hips On Fire Student, and that you were sent by Seemore and Cristina.

Another great place is:
El Palacio de la Musica
Around 22-24 Chelsea St, in East Boston.
They have a great selection of music!

Tower Record and HVM also has a pretty decent latino collection, but more on the very commercial side.


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