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This page has the purpose of cross-promoting other members of the dance community in their businesses and ventures.

Dance Links

Salsa: - Website run by Olaf Bleck, full of information about all Salsa events/classes/workshops in the New England Area. - a global directory of Salsa dance "addicts", plus a calendar of Boston Salsa events, and more! Check it out!

Masacote Entertainment - Ana & Joel Web site. Two wonderful people and wonderful dancers. They teach special workshops in the Boston Area. Don't miss them!

Hacha y Machete Dance Company - Victor and Burju web site. Two of the best dancers in the Boston Area.

Despelote Dance - Jennifer Jonay website about Salsa Cuban Style: where to learn, where to dance and everything that you need to know about Cuban Salsa in Boston.

Salsa y Control - Two brothers full of passion for dancing Latino Rhythms!! - a global directory of Salsa dance "addicts", plus a calendar of Boston Salsa events, and more! Check it out!

Rodney Aquino - Great Dance Instructor from San Francisco, responsible for popularizing bachata in that area!

April On 2 - The first On 2 Instructor in Boston and producer of the Boston Salsa Congress. .

Rumba y Timbal Dance Company - A group full of energy!!

Havana Club Salsa - Salsa dancing for everyone!!

Rueda de Bachata :

Rueda de Bachata - Website dedicated to spread and grow this new way of dancing Bachata, created here in Boston by Hips On Fire.


Tango Embrace - Ana Linda Marcus Web Site with all her information regarding her Tango Instruction. Great way to get started in Tango!

Dance shoes:

Teddy's Shoes - Great selection of dance shoes of all kinds. Very convenient location in Central Sq in Cambridge. Great Service!!

Teddy's Shoes

Belly Dance:

Melina Heywood - watching this dancer perform is mesmerizing. She is an outstanding performer, who brings the Belly dancing to a level I had never seen before. Together with that, she is also a talented teacher, able to break down the movement of any muscle on your body... Ladies, don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best!

TV Shows:

El Show de Fernandito/ Fernando's Hideaway - Fernando Bossas' new show where you will experience what Boston's phenomenal talent has to offer. Learn about the culture, the music, the flavor of Latin America and more...En nuestros barrios de Massachusetts dónde todos bailan y escuchan nuestra música y ritmos tropicales. Además.....And more....

Other Links


Cristina's photography website - Cristina's other passion is photography.Check out her website.


Cosmopolitan Travel - Jorge Montana's Travel Agency, specializing in South american trips

Massage Therapy:

Tina Lockwood - Massage Therapy in Sudbury. Any soreness?? Muscle aches?? Tina will really take care of you. Her address is: 730 Boston Post Rd, Suite 28, Sudbury, MA. She also offers Gift Certificates, and discounts for referrals.(978)579-0880




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