• WORKSHOPs - (Any of the following workshops can be requested )
  • Latino Mix -

    In this class we are going to be teaching a combination of Latino Rhythms, like Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Bolero Son (Cha-Cha) and others... in a fun, energetic class, so get ready for some sweat and lots of fun.

    Bachata -

    Bachata is a dance that is spreading oll over the world, faster than anyone could image. It is a sensual, slow pace (although not always) dance, that invites your hips to a swing that will hook you up!. Don't miss this workshop where we will get your hips to move like you never believe it!


    Latino Motion

    In this class we are going to be working on isolating and then combining the move of different parts of the body: shoulders, hips, torso... to improve your dance skills not only for Latino Dancing but for many other dances.

    "Set Ur Salsa Skills on FIRE " -

    Do you want to improve your Dance Skills??
    Do you want to move your hips, torso better?
    Do you want to learn new steps you can dance on your own??
    Do you want to improve your spinning?? Your styling??
    You get this and more in this class while learning a choreography.

    Salsa DIPS & TRICKS

    Find out how to impress someone SAFELY and how to do those tricks that you see everyone doing.



    Rueda de Bachata

    Following our success at the Salsa Rueda Congress of the Americas in Miami, and by popular demand, we are back to teaching Rueda de Bachata!!! Check out for yourself, what all this is about!

    Check our new website devoted to Rueda de Bachata! Click here!

    Learn to hear the Salsa beat!

    Lots of you have requested a workshop like this to learn to follow better the salsa beat!!! So here it is, we are going to be bringing instruments like: la clave, bongo, maracas, chekere, cow bell, conga, to learn to hear them in the music and distinguish better the Salsa beat.


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